Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome to our New Blog

Since 2006 I have written Absolute Trygve, a blog which deals with my aromatic life and anything vaguely to do with it. Since I'm often inspired to write about those vaguely to do with it things, and since I am not always bouncing about in the middle of a champaka harvest, or swooning over dual patchouli and guava distillations surrounded by blossoming grapefruit trees, or learning how to use a sickle at a hot summers afternoon lavender harvest, my blog often veers.

While I do intend to continue writing Absolute Trygve, as that blog is pure joy and relief, it's time I tried to act a little more serious and grown up. I don't mean boring, I mean that over time, Absolute Trygve became its own thing, with a strong personality. Such is the personality of that blog, that if I even attempt to write about.....say.... our Immune Aid blend, then the words seem to just slide off the pages. It has no place on Absolute Trygve, that blog is like a nasty clique of high school girls. It won't let anyone different in! Ever concerned for fairness, I can't continue to stand by and let those poor blends, and oils and candles suffer their lonely fate.

So this blog, the Enfleurage Blog, is going to be about these poor little, sweet little beings that sit on Enfleurage's shelves, eagerly awaiting their new homes, holding their fragrant molecules back behind glass until they can explode out into an eager nose.

I know what you're're thinking that I do write about these oils, but let's face it. I write about spectacular shipments that come in on the shoulder of the UPS guy, sometimes in wooden crates, trailing bits of shredded newspaper. I write about opening these shipments and the oils that I carry around with me like a puppy with a toy. And it can't go on like this. Why? Because it just can't. I'm prejudiced, I know. I don't write about palmarosa, or citronella. Don't even capitalize them. I wrote about chamomile once or twice and it's enough. No matter how exquisite that chamomile's chamomile and doesn't have the hot sensuality and overt sexual innuendos of, say, Jasmine Sambac.

Even Jasmine Sambac, how often do we get it? Not that often! And the same guy who does this does our other Jasmines, and Champaka. I've never been good at waiting, at saving, and you can bet I'm going to jump right in and do all those oils at once--love it. Love them.

Even Frankincense. How much can I write from the approach, from the strong personality of Absolute Trygve?

It's time there were a few other options.

I intend to keep Absolute Trygve exactly as it is, writing in exactly the same way, about the same things, and maybe a little freer now, a little more.....something, not sure yet. And this nagging feeling I need to write about Frankincense, or Sambac, or Palmarosa, in a different way will now have an outlet. Sometimes, if we get a new oil, like, maybe......Davana, both blogs will have it. There may be overlap, in other words. Sometimes I may even just copy and paste if I think it merits both. So if you read both blogs, and see that occasionally there is an overlap then please just accept it in stride. Don't get all wiggy or call my attention to it. I will be aware of it, have no fear.

I am greatly relieved and my sense of fairness in subject matter is sated.
We make most of our own products: blends, roll-ons, sprays, and frankincense of course, candles too. All the blends are simply spectacular. Citrus Cheer is 16 years old. Immune Aid has users raving in delight. Our 5 respiratory blends have been made with an incredible amount of attention to detail and care. We're not one of those companies that makes their entire line of blends, or "synergies" in one huge wild breath-holding outburst. We've taken years; we're a very pokey group. So over time I will tell you about these dynamic little bottles and the thrilling synergistic mix bubbling in all of them.

Hope you enjoy this blog!

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